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Cloud hosting, scalability in the service of business

When it comes to hosting, one of the most recent declinations must surely include cloud hosting, a highly scalable solution.

Modern technology comes to the rescue

The cloud allows for shared management of services and offers an elasticity that “traditional” hosting cannot achieve. In fact, unlike shared hosting, where one server hosts multiple sites that will have to share performance and primary components, opting for a cloud hosting platform can dynamically allocate resources beyond a single machine. In fact, multiple physical servers take care of balancing the load when needed and keeping sites and services running even when problems arise with one of the systems. 

A shared environment

The cloud is nothing more than a shared environment. Resource management in this case is different from the usual patterns used in hosting management. Indeed, the cloud approach provides stringent resource guarantees. Not only in terms of guaranteed bandwidth and storage, but also in terms of primary components. Such as RAM memory and CPU cores. 

An innovative solution

Let us now evaluate the actual peculiarities of the innovative cloud platform. Indeed, we are talking about a distributed and scalable hosting solutions, two specifications that are strictly cloud-derived.  In fact, the purchased service is spread over multiple physical machines, present within the same data center, but also between different data centers of the same provider.

The adoption of virtualization architectures

The massive adoption of virtualization architectures makes this possible. Thus the generation and distribution of multiple instances in parallel occurs. Hence the very concept of scalability, typical of cloud hosting and computing infrastructures. We will therefore be able to select the resources in use, against a specific pricing plan. Nevertheless, it is possible to vary these parameters according to the needs of a given period. Increasing memory and computational power to support periods of intense information exchange

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